Members Making a Difference A Conversations with Rob Cohen, CEO, IMA

Who is IMA and how are you connected to Colorado Inclusive Economy?

At IMA, our mission is to protect assets and make a difference for our associates, our clients, and our communities. As a part of this commitment, we proudly initiated Colorado Companies Uniting Against Racism (CEO Pledge), an invitation to Colorado’s CEOs to pledge their commitment to foster a more inclusive society. The key tenets of the CEO Pledge are to listen, learn and lead by educating our associates on DEI, providing support to, and doing business with Colorado’s communities of color, and committing to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of employees of color. Our key partner in diversifying our workforces is Colorado Inclusive Economy (CIE).

How has CIE advanced IMA’s DEIA efforts?

As a founding member of the Colorado Inclusive Economy, IMA has taken full advantage of the peer-to- peer education and networking opportunities, plus the deep and thorough resources available through CIE’s online toolkit. The combination of these resources has directly helped IMA make enhancements to our DEI strategy, which is led by a dedicated director of DEI and teams of volunteer associates across the country. IMA began its DEI journey years ago, but the support of CIE and its network has resulted in more formal strategies and trainings and another way for us to keep ourselves accountable.

How has CIE impacted you personally and as a leader?

From a personal perspective, I have been passionate about ensuring equity and inclusivity throughout my life. While I might not have called it “DEI” in my early years, when I look back, I know I have always been passionate about making sure everyone had a seat at the table.  I am now in a position that allows me to influence others to change or enhance the way they live their lives and run their companies. I am fully committed to ensuring this same passion lives at IMA. Our associates work at IMA not only because  they are experts in their field, but because they are genuinely good people. Encouraging and welcoming all clients, colleagues and community partners as their authentic selves is at the core of who we are.

June 1, 2022