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Colorado Inclusive Economy is a statewide movement of design, intent, and action led by CEOs and leaders. Together, we are making Colorado the most inclusive economy in the nation.

About Membership

  • Year 1 consists of 8 meetings, all conducted completely virtual.
  • Each participating organization designates 1 Leader from the C-suite and 1 DEI Champion.
  • Organizations commit to sharing recruiting, hiring, and retention data annually to track the progress of the CIE movement.
  • The CIE Pillars outline levers organizations can influence, guiding the focus of the movement.

How to Become a Member

Complete the membership interest form below and we will contact you to schedule an introductory meeting to learn more about you, your organization’s goals, and how Colorado Inclusive Economy can support your DEI journey.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Each participating organization will have at least two (2) participating individuals in the CIE movement – one (1) CIE Leader and one (1) DEI/HR representative. Leaders are typically at the CEO, Executive Director, etc. level because we believe that sustained change must be championed by the C-suite. DEI/HR representatives are the individuals who carry out the strategy and execution of people-centered initiatives.

    The annual membership fee is based on an organization’s annual revenue.

    • $1B:  $10K
    • $100MM to $1B:  $7.5K
    • $10MM to $100MM:  $5K
    • $1MM to $10MM:  $2.5K
    • Less than $1MM:  $1K

    View the membership fees PDF.

    Done completely virtual, we support members through regular facilitation, an evolving resource toolkit, and peer support to help them build specific Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies that align with their overall organizational goals. CIE Leaders meet separate from the DEI/HR representatives, to create brave spaces for Leaders to learn and grow together. DEI/HR representatives receive the same content with a focus on how to create sustained action within their organization.

    Members of Colorado Inclusive Economy have made a long-term commitment to the movement. Your membership automatically renews each year, and the content covered during the facilitation evolves to meet organizations’ ever-changing needs.

    For Leaders:
    Leaders will meet virtually as a cohort. For Year 1, there are eight (8) convenings, which include 2-hour sessions and 60-minute intensives. In addition, each Cohort is separated into Small Groups which collectively decide when/where to meet on a monthly basis. (See the Cohort 4 Roadmap here.)

    For DEI/HR Representatives:
    DEI/HR Representatives will meet virtually as a cohort. Each session and intensive for Leaders is debriefed for the DEI/HR group in a way that facilitates actionable steps. DEI/HR convenings are all 90-minutes.

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