CIE Partner Spotlight: Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC)

Colorado Inclusive Economy is fortunate to have many community partners in helping advance our work in diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is a Governor-appointed, public-private partnership with the purpose to advise, oversee, and integrate the work of the Colorado talent development network. By collaborating intentionally across systems in Colorado, the CWDC pursues its mission to enhance and sustain a skills-based talent development network that meets the needs of employers, workers, job seekers, and learners for today and tomorrow.

In January 2020, the CWDC adopted values to guide its work: equity, agility, and integration. The core value of equity is critical in the CWDC’s commitment to ensuring a Colorado that works for all. To advance this work, the CWDC led efforts to publish the Talent Equity Agenda, an action plan that is helping to catalyze a shared focus on how we hire, train, and educate the workforce in Colorado.

“As a state, we need to ensure that opportunity is available to all Coloradans by accelerating equitable strategies that meet the needs of our diverse workforce,” said Lee Wheeler-Berliner, managing director of the CWDC. “The Talent Equity Agenda helps us accomplish this and pursue economic recovery in a manner that will create a better Colorado, and an economy that works for all of us.”

The CWDC’s equity-driven work and statewide reach to workforce centers and boards, government agencies, and industry partners intersects and complements CIE’s commitment to educate, support, and create a truly inclusive economy in Colorado. Collaboration between the CWDC and CIE is vital to connecting industry partners and members to resources, support, and best practices that will evolve Colorado’s workforce through equitable and inclusive practices and contribute to a thriving economy.

To learn more and get connected with the Colorado Workforce Development Council, please visit the CWDC website. You can get involved with Council activities, sector partnerships, or workforce boards, or explore a variety of resources to support Colorado’s talent development network. CWDC staff can also be reached at for additional questions or to explore partnership opportunities. We look forward to engaging with you.

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June 1, 2022