CIE Partner Spotlight: Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce

Colorado Inclusive Economy is fortunate to have many community partners in helping advance our work in diversity, equity and inclusion. One of those leading community partners is the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce.

The Colorado Black Chamber (CBCC) is a membership driven organization comprised of business owners, corporate representatives, community leaders, and association members representing Colorado’s business community.  Following the Civil Rights movement, Black business leaders saw a need to establish a formal advocacy organization. Established in 1985, today the CBCC has more than 1,000 members and is a solid voice for the Black business community.

Our mission is to support the ideas of Black business owners and create an organization that focuses on the success of our members. The CBCC is committed to serving the needs of Black-owned businesses, providing economic opportunity and support to them and the communities they serve.

“Inclusion is the key to the success of any endeavor,” says CBCC President Lee Gash-Maxley. “And improving Colorado’s economy is no exception.  As a state, all of us have a responsibility to include all the communities that make Colorado a great place to live.”

The Black Chamber recognizes and supports this idea.  Colorado Inclusive Economy was founded with that understanding.

“CIE is committed to helping the state’s economic stakeholders incorporate inclusion in their company operations,” says Gash-Maxley. “It’s a partnership of like-minded organizations working for a common goal – making inclusivity an essential component of every workplace.”

As we move to a more inclusive environment in the workplace, Colorado is once again leading the way with the work of the Colorado Black Chamber and Colorado Inclusive Economy.

January 11, 2023