What’s an Inclusive Economy?

We want to live, work, and run companies in a world where race no longer drives and limits opportunities for individuals. We want to build a Colorado that invests in its people — all of them — so that we can enjoy the compound interest of that investment.

Currently, because of systemic racial inequity, the Colorado economy doesn’t have full access to the wisdom, brilliance, creativity, and effort of everyone in its community. Racial inequity creates economic limitations at the individual, organizational, and whole community levels.

We’ll know we live in an inclusive economy when the inevitable failures that happen in life do not cling to racial lines. We will not have to struggle to find qualified people of color in leadership positions. A mark of this new world will be racial diversity in the C-suite of corporations; people of color will rise on their own ambition, naturally, because the system will stop preventing them from doing so.

To do that, we are building a community of business leaders who are committing to the following four tenets:

  • Personal internal work
  • Collective impact
  • Accountable metrics
  • Long-term commitment