What to do first

Leaders are eager to jump into their new DEI programs immediately. It’s important to slow down so that we can make significant progressive change in the next year. Start with learning and analysis.

  1. Learn the two critical parts of leading an inclusive organization: Influential Leadership and Foundations of Equity.
  2. Research your own organization. What have you accomplished in DEI already? Gather measurements that reflect changes in demographics and employee engagement over time to show an accurate history of the organization, not just a faded memory of how things used to be vs. how they are now.
  3. Engage other senior leaders in the learning process. Develop an internal team of people from all over the organization to drive DEI. Don’t delegate this process entirely to this team. Work with them.
  4. Only after testing new processes and finding that they give you desired results, then you can write new policies to cement the new processes. Don’t formalize processes until you test them for a few months.