Knight News January 2024

Favorite photo of 2023 – Two Equity Leaders- Immersive Experience
Goddess Tyescha Clark- Colorado Department of Human Services- Equity Strategist

Happy New Year CIE Community, we are thrilled to join 2024 with you and continue the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion along with more potent learning journeys, some new CIE offerings, and ongoing quarterly community convenings.

As we look forward to what’s ahead for CIE in 2024, we remain aspirational, optimistic, and committed to the work of DEI and supporting our wonderful community of member companies that continue to make this work a priority.  We often share that DEI is a journey and journeys take planning, preparation, and time to be purposeful and impactful. No journey is free of adjustments, terrain to traverse, or unexpected challenges, but we stay the course to see our vision of closing opportunity gaps and building the nation’s most inclusive economy because a reality. 

With some companies changing course on DEI, cutting back on DEI budget resources, and yielding to the influence of loud political rhetoric we must stay above fray for all the right reasons.  As the CEO of CIE, I read a lot of articles and listen to many audio books on the subject, in doing so two things have really resonated with me as we chart our course for DEI offerings and programming moving forward. 

  1. Gen Z / Alpha individuals are, considered to be 48% “racial or ethnic minorities” compared to 39% I previous generations, and 38% identify as people of color, compared to 32% of millennials, 28% of Gen and 21% of Baby Boomers. The workforce we want to recruit and retain is diverse and they expect companies to have policies, culture and behavior that applauds diversity. 
  2. The prevailing thought from DEI practitioners around the globe, with all the sea change in DEI we are weathering coming into 2024 is that DEI in your organization must be “integrated” the extra “I”. DEI is not a program, an initiative, or a stand-alone employer tool kit, it is the culture of a company and should be weaved into every area of the business. (Marketing, operations, PR, policy, benefits, wages, work modeling and projects) 

Below are a couple of timely articles that I found helpful, as well as a link to two books I am currently reading, I hope this information is useful and serves to reinforce the importance of staying the course, while iterating and celebrating the success that DEI can bring to your company culture. 

Stephanie Knight, CEO – CIE