External support

Plan to engage many different external support entities while you transform your organization into an inclusive team: equity coaches, unconscious bias trainers, analysis consultants, strategic meeting facilitators, and conflict resolution specialists.

Start Here:


  • Review B:CIVIC’s Building Equitable Communities website to learn about the approaches and solutions available to them.
  • Join TIED (Talent, Inclusion, Engagement and Diversity): A Denver leadership roundtable that consists of company members and practitioners. Companies can join to engage in peer support and roundtables around TIED topics.
  • Review the Colorado Workforce Development Council’s Talent Development Playbook, which is focused on helping businesses hire, train, and keep talented employees (guide, greater than one hour).

If you would benefit from external coaching, there are several great, local organizations that can help, with examples being:


Each company’s situation is different and it is important to go through the process to develop your own DEI goals and approach.  However, it may help you understand your journey by reviewing what other companies have done:

Inclusive Economy and B:CIVIC have partnered to provide a list of active DEI practitioners and consultants to the community. This list can be found on the B:CIVIC site, here.

*Small Business Pro Tip: If there isn’t financial resources for external support currently, do you have a product or service you could offer for a trade? Check your local foundations and grant organizations, do they have grants that would fund this work for you? Apply.

If this work doesn’t currently fit into the budget, set a timeline to add it into the budget Communicate this with your employees.