ERGs, DEI councils and DEI committees

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are often created to bring together like-minded individuals within an organization. Women’s Groups and Black Leadership Groups, and LGBTQ groups are common types of ERGs.

Councils and committees are cross-functional and cross-level groups that manage and coordinate DEI efforts in a company. They help ensure DEI efforts aren’t siloed and aren’t limited to a single layer of leadership or division of the organization. They also help harness the energy and effort of people who have passion for DEI.




  • Connect hiring managers with ERGs to identify potential bias in the recruitment process (channels used, promotional materials, interview questions and strategy, etc.) and identify new recruitment channels. Engaged individuals can also help attend recruitment events, blog about their experiences at the organization, or attend conferences.
  • It’s easy for employees in ERGs to feel tokenized. Here are some tips from Shavonne Hasfal-McIntosh, the Inclusion & Employee Experience Lead at Shopify, on how to set up ERGs to protect against that.

*Small Business Pro Tip: ERGs, DEI councils and committees are a great, budget friendly option. Ask employees to raise their hand to lead them and provide employees time to engage during the workday.