Knights Notes May 2024

Hello CIE Community! Spring has sprung and with each Spring we have the chance to open windows and doors and let lovely breezes in.  It is my second favorite season, after Fall, as it is ripe with new possibilities, refreshing spaces, and reintroducing ideas and initiatives.  J 

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to read a very informative LinkedIn post from Dr. Venessa Marie Perry, Organizational Psychologist and DEI Subject Matter Expert.  In the post she shared valuable insights from the CHIEF – New Era of Leadership- C-Suite Executive DEI Report. 

I was struck and encouraged by many compelling statistics she shared about the reality of DEI: 

  • 80% of companies remain Committed to DEI 
  • 44% will ramp up existing DEI initiatives or develop new ones. 
  • 36% will continue DEI initiatives at the same level. 
  • 20% will cut back or eliminate DEI initiatives. 

The report also acknowledges the cultural and social dynamics around DEI, and the polarizing and political effects of DEI work.  

At CIE we understand and hear often from our members that DEI is difficult to navigate these days, but we also hear from members that it is central to customer, employee and public engagement but requires strategy and forethought.   Below is a link to this comprehensive report, I have no doubt that it will offer some great practical guidance on DEI and how to effectively align it with your organization’s mission as well as craft communication that will resonate with multiple stakeholders. Happy reading and we look forward to seeing you at our May CIE cohort sessions and events! 

April 30, 2024