Knight News- March 2024

As we close out Women’s History Month, I have been reflective this year about the state of women and all that we have accomplished in many spaces and sectors, but also all the work yet to be done to reach true equity and close disparity gaps.

This month, I attended myriad events showcasing the accomplishments and voices of women, however, it’s hard not to feel discomfort in seeing our advancement being dialed back and in some cases, being halted.

As women do, we commiserate, laugh, cry, plan and then activate, it is our way!  In the words of Maryam Monsef, CEO of ONWARD and former Canadian Minister of Women and Gender Equity says, “Our progress is not protected”.

As with all equity issues we must remain vigilant, steadfast, and purposeful and we must continue to engage our allies and help them move to a place of unyielding advocacy.  This advocacy looks like:

  • Empowering women in action and voice.
  • Moving woman to the front, as decision makers, on issues that affect them the most.
  • Leading with the best offer always, based on a woman’s skill, ability, and proven track record.
  • Committing to workplaces, board rooms, legislative roles, funding channels and C-suites that have MORE than expected female representation.
  • Creating a world where girls will continue to aspire without limits, seeing many women in roles they want to occupy.

In the CIE community we have many, many women I admire in so many ways. We spoke with two CIE leaders this month who exemplify strength, conviction, and commitment to change. Women like these, and many others in the CIE community are history makers.

March 27, 2024